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Moisturizing 24hrs Cream with Silk Proteins

Moisturizing 24hrs Cream with Silk Proteins

90,00 € Regular Price
58,50 €Sale Price

Oil free 24h Moisturizing Cream with Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins

Amazing oil free formula hydrates and strengthen the skin from inside out. Consists the best option if you are seeking an oil-free, long-lasting 24h Moisturizer for your daily routine.

Enriched with hydrolyzed silk proteins, which ideally lock-in moisture, plump the skin and ward off the appearance of fine lines.

The rich but non-oily creamy texture deeply penetrates the skin offering long-term hydration, soothing benefits and an instant shiny and luminous effect. Ideal to use as a make-up base.


USE: For extended results, apply twice daily, using circular movements, on clean skin.



  • 24hrs long-lasting Moisturizing Cream
  • Oil Free formula
  • Stand-alone product for day and night
  • Rich in hydrolyzed silk proteins
  • Non-oily creamy texture
  • Prevents the appearance of fine lines
  • Excellent make-up base
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