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Zartaux honors its commitments by imposing one basic principal, to all its SkinNovelties, which is introducing efficient products of the highest quality, with the highest safety standards.

Zartaux evolve each six months all its “tailor-made” SkinNovelties with the goal of corporate leading innovation. 


Holding experience over 50 years in Research and Development, corporate excellence through continual improvement, always one-step ahead, Zartaux produces cutting -edge formulated products that deliver the promised results. 

Experts collaborating with prestige practitioners develop products, subject to clinical trials following the strictest safety regulations. Counting 15 years of clinical evidence, Zartaux Aesthetic Medical SkinNovelties are specially designed to rejuvenate, regenerate and enhance your skin.


Enjoying the success story in all distributed countries, Zartaux proudly presents S.C.E.D.I.S Technology.

S.C.E.D.I.S technology is our corporate patented unique and effective technology used for developing a new product.

S.C.E.D.I.S technology includes all the fundamental principles of our masterpiece products completion.The combination of imperative elements such as safety, compliance, efficacy, durability, ideality and stability are the key points defining our products.

S.C.E.D.I.S technology is the key to constant evolution achieved making Zartaux the state- of- art producer of innovative, evolving SkinNovelties.


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Zartaux is about you. 
Be yourself. Be beautiful. Be unique.

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