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The idea of creating Sandine Zartaux Medical & Aesthetic SkinNovelties emerged from our intimate passion to make every woman feel unique reflecting her beauty without caring about her age. Our holistic range of products consists of unique raw materials with an extremely high rate of concentration and innovative tailor-made formulas which constantly evolve, introducing treatment techniques adjusted to different skin types.

Every skin is distinctive, challenging and valuable and that was the stepping stone to start creating highly effective treatment techniques. The expert hands of experienced Clinical Biologists, Laboratory Chemists, Cosmetologists and Aesthetic Medicine Physicians launch evolving techniques stimulating skin's activity creating powerful anti-aging & lifting patents with exceptional instant results. Exclusively selected active ingredients are adapted in personally customized treatment patents for individual skin needs. Our products are created in state-of-the-art laboratories in Switzerland and around Europe.


Sandine Zartaux SkinNovelties is one of the leading professional skin care brands. Aesthetic Medicine Clinics  throughout Europe, work successfully with Sandine Zartaux SkinNovelties and treatment protocols. 

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