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Eye Serum Against Dark Shadows

Eye Serum Against Dark Shadows

120,00 € Regular Price
78,00 €Sale Price

Eye Serum against Dark Shadows

Powerful Eye Serum ideal to combat dark shadows and pouches, revitalizing the area. Regular use effectively aids the skin around the eyes become shining bright. Ensures a delicate lifting action, eliminates eyes bags and rings giving a soft and velvet result. Contains cold-active ingredients that restore eyes sagging, attenuates puffiness giving instant glowing effect. Soft and velvety, ideal for all ages consists a therapy with amazing outcome.


USE: Store in the fridge for at least 8 hours before use. Apply cold twice daily, every morning and evening using gentle circular movements, before your Zartaux Eye Cream. Use daily to reveal brighter results.



  • Cold-active ingredients (they activate, while they get frozen)
  • Minimizes dark shadows
  • Eliminates puffiness and pouches
  • Gives a delicate lifting action
  • Restores sagging eyes
  • Attenuates expression lines
  • Delicate lifting action
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