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Caviar Night Cream

Caviar Night Cream

140,00 € Regular Price
91,00 €Sale Price

Caviar Night Cream for Total Anti-Aging

Zartaux’ Caviar Night Cream is a true fountain of youth. Due to its special active ingredients, consists a great revitalizing and restoring product for tired and dry skin.

Rich in Sturgeon Caviar, Vitamins and Omega-3 and peptides, restores all major skin functions and visibly reduces fine and deep wrinkles.

Holds a proven and complete Anti-Aging action, offering a youthfully radiant skin. Deeply revitalizes and restores elasticity to sagging skin. Complete Anti-Aging treatment for skin that need extensive care.


USE: Apply every night on clean skin using circular movements. For optimum results, use in combination with all Zartaux Caviar products.



  • Rich in Sturgeon Caviar, Vitamins and Peptides
  • Total Anti-Aging action
  • Intensive Anti-Wrinkle action
  • Restores skin's elasticity
  • Deeply revitalizes
  • Complete Anti-Aging action
  • Instant Regeneration
  • Ideal for tired and dry skin
  • Firms, hydrated and tightens
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