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LightUp Foundation

LightUp Foundation

45,00 € Regular Price
29,25 €Sale Price

Instant 3-Tones Lightening Foundation

Natural flawless finish, true luminosity and astonishing whitening effect all in one bottle. Gives your skin an instant 3-tones lightening effect.

Zartaux’ Light-Up Foundation is a newly designed formula of a make-up with exceptional covering, in combination with a fascinating 3-tones whitening result.

Sheer and silky, keeps your skin soft and smooth all day, providing the best natural lightening result.


USE: Apply on your skin, in a gentle, circular motion.



  • 3-tones instant whitening effect
  • Masterful brightness
  • Exceptional coverage of uneven tone
  • Long-lasting
  • Providing a soft and smooth skin
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