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Zartaux Vaginal Wash


Gentle Cleansing for the sensitive area.

It contains soft cleansing and mild antiseptic natural herbal extracts which smooth and regenerate the sensitive area, giving a discreet sense of orange.

Its structure of Aloe Vera in the formula for Vitamins, it has nourishing, protective and wound‐healing features.

This exceptional Product can be used for local hygiene of the sensitive area, thanks to the combined action of active ingredients, capable of forming a shield against infections.

It also offers a pleasant and prolonged freshness and wellness.

Moreover, V ‐ wash can be used for the removal of blood residues after the period and for topical hygiene after intercourse and in case of excessive vaginal discharges.


  • Ideal for the sensitive area

  • Contains herbal extracts

  • Smoothens and regenerates the sensitive area

  • Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamins with wound healing effects Soft Cleansing and mils antiseptic action

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